Micro Waves

"Trees, WiFi and human beings. Are they meant for each other?"
Seems pretty complicated to me…

What is the relationship life (including trees and plants) have with radiation. Is it a friend or a foe? Scientists can sometimes be very “specifically unclear” when it comes to most answers such as the carbon dating theory… So which internet browser’s articles should we believe?

some images are quite disturbing. even if taken in a “foreign” country that has rumors of “malnutrition” and “unhygienic living conditions”….
A simple explanation of the micro wave.

Well now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be the sausage in the microwave oven that’s for sure!

So how does it affect us when the microwaves are in the air? It is something that we can’t see. Something that I did see, was in our living space in Pretoria, there was a bird’s nest, right on the balcony. Close to our “booster Rooter” that was on the first story. All the little birds that hatched, were kicked out by the mother bird. We couldn’t understand why such strange behaviour would continue with all the chicks that hatched. We tried to nurse them with baby bird porridge but they never made it. Could it be that the eggs that are close to the micro waves, not enough to cook them, like the microwave oven, but enough to cause deformation? How many studies are done on this subject, as I would love to read more about it.