Rooibos Chai Tea

100g loose leaves


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An excellent export-quality single origin rooibos (Tanqua Tea Estate from the Cederberg area) is used as the base for this spicy Indian chai blend which includes cardamom, black pepper, clove, ginger and cinnamon.

Colour: deep amber, from the fermentation
Nose: typical fermented fynbos, rooibos notes with various spicy elements wafting on the nose, as the heat releases them.
Taste: fermented rooibos, fynbos, full and fruity, holding all the spices beautifully.

Pair with: traditional koeksisters (twisted fried dough pastry), milktart, Cape Malay koesisters, rusks or any cake, biscuit and confectionery.

Medicinal: very good for you !

Brew temp: 100 degrees
Brew time: 5-7+min

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