Honeybush Course – Herbal tea

100g Loose leaves.


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Honeybush (Cyclopia) occurs naturally in South Africa and is part of the fynbos family.  Its terroir streches from Piketberg to Port Elizabeth and gets its name from the sweet scented yellow flowers that bloom in spring and the teas sweet taste. This is a single origin tea, grown in the Garden Route area from the subternata species.

Colour:  rose-gold, copper (the colour comes from fermentation process similar to rooibos)
Nose: musky, sweet, fynbos
Taste: sweet, fynbos, musky

Brew temp: 100 degrees
Brew time: 5-7+min

Pair with: a wide variety of cakes, biscuits and confectionery
Medicinal uses: Honeybush has many health benefits (very similar to Rooibos and more). It is very high in anti-oxidants (especially mangiferin) and contains natural plant (phyto) oestrogens which may help bone density and cardiovascular disease in women. Strengthens immune system, protects against inflammation, accelerates metabolism,  may help prevent and slow down cancer, protects the health of the respiratory tract,  stomach problems and provides whole body health support.


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