Cucamelon Plant

14cm pots with healthy plants waiting to be planted into a larger pot or straight into the ground.


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How to make the kids get there natural vitamins and minerals 101. Plant a mouse melon.

Keep one or two fruits, harvest the seeds and plant some for friends and family.

These tiny little fruits are not only nutritious and versatile but also a stunner in the garden.

As for the fruits, they are crunchy and delicious, their flavour reminiscent of cucumber but with an almost citrusy zing to it. They can be eaten straight off the vine and are at their best when they’re about 2 – 3cm long, but there is so much more that you can do with them. Obviously they add crunch and zing to a salad or a sandwich, and they are a great addition to a fresh salsa or even a stir-fry. Another option is to use them in your gin or cocktail, instead of cucumber, lemon or olives. And for a unique take on gherkins, pickle cucamelons with a hint of dill and mint. We even found a recipe for cucamelons and noodles!

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