My Olive Tree

The olive tree ‘Olea Europaea’ is a Mediterranean tree that thrives in well drained, lime rich soil.


Planting an olive tree:

Prepare a square hole, double the size of the bag in a sunny area. Planting early in the morning, watering the olive tree as well as the hole thoroughly.

Olive trees thrive in soil, no need to add any compost to your planting mix, only 1 handful of bonemeal for good root development.

Olive Trees can also be potted, bearing in mind that roots need to be trimmed and soil replaced every 1 to 2 years, depending on the size of your pot.


Caring for your Olive Tree:

Water well 1 – 2 times per week depending on weather. Allow soil to drain and dry before watering again.

Add a handful of agricultural lime and water well every two months. When the olive tree is dormant during winter, water only.

Pruning can be done after winter, as first shoots start to grow in spring. Never prune more than 30% of your tree at a time.



There are many cultivars of olives. We offer Frantoio, Mission, Coratina as well as Arbequina.

Frantoio produces a small round to oval black fruit with a high oil content, popular for oil but can also be pickled. They also serve as cross pollinators. (Samantha & CJ’s wedding guests gift)

Arbequina is a hardy olive tree, producing a meaty black olive. They are drought and frost resistant and produce high yields.

Mission is a popular pickling olive with a lower oil content. Suitable as a green or black table olive growing into a beautiful upright tree.

Corantina, the cream of the crop,  the most sought after extra virgin olive oil tree. With bright green leaves and high yields.