African Mangosteen Tree

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African mangosteen fruit tastes similar to apricots and can be eaten raw, cooked with porridge, seeded and dried, or crushed like grapes to create a drink. The seeds can be pressed to yield an edible oil, and the fruit is fermented to make a purplish wine or soaked in alcohol and mixed with syrup to make a liqueur.

Although quite popular for its taste, the fruit’s thin skin and delicate pulp make it difficult to transport and commercialize. Making secondary products like jams, liqueurs and ice creams could be one way for rural communities to generate income from the fruit. It is most often harvested from the wild, but it has also been successfully cultivated in Cuba, Florida, Mozambique and parts of southeast Asia.

Planting more than 1 increases probability of fruiting. Males are sterile and females self fertile.

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