African Horned Cucumber

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  • Annual
  • African horned cucumber is a traditional food plant indigenous to Southern and Central Africa.
  • It grows naturally in Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland.
  • Today it is grown for its ornamental and edible fruits all over the world including New Zeeland where it was registered under the trademark Kiwano.
  • African horned cucumber is a self-fertile climber with tendrils and hairy leaves and stems and bears white or yellow flowers.
  • The soft-shelled fruit (covered with prominent spines), is about 10cm. in length and turns yellow-orange when ripe.
  • It is grown as an annual in cold areas and needs well-drained soil, regular watering and support to climb on.
  • A single vine can produce up to 100 fruits.

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