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Mimusops elengi

The Transvaal red milkwood has gained its popularity with people, birds as well as monkeys and baboons through its tasty fruit which are sweet and high in vitamin C.

It makes large, neat, deep green canopies, which offer shade to weary hikers in the African savanna as well as provide cool shade in the home garden.

The leaves are glossy, dark green and carried on a spreading crown, which could easily be as wide as the tree is high. It has the potential to make an excellent evergreen garden specimen for larger gardens, parks and golf courses. This tree casts a deep shade, which offers a cool escape from the hot African sun. It is possibly overlooked as a horticultural subject due to the erroneous perception that it can be somewhat slow growing and consequently takes many years to reach its full potential.

Small, white, sweetly scented flowers are borne in October to February. Fruits are oval with a pointed tip ripening yellow or orange from April to September.

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