Picual Olive Tree

Healthy 1 meter plus trees in 10L bags.


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This spanish cultivar is sought after for it’s fruit taste and high quality oil.

The Picual is not as frost tolerant as the Arbequina but will survive Johannesburg and Pretoria winters. They are heavy bearers and fast growers.

Picual oil has a wide variety of uses, since it is a very versatile type of extra virgin olive oil.

Picual olive oil has a high stability in its oxidation so it is the perfect ally for your fried foods. As it is an oil that takes a long time to break down at high temperatures, it allows to carry out several frying cycles.

It is also the perfect complete for cooking your legumes and stews of meat or fish, since it will give a touch of special flavor and different from that of another variety of olive oil.

Picual oil is considered perfect for any type of preserves, and at a domestic level, we can use it to preserve cheese or sausages.

As we said at the beginning of this post, consuming raw picual olive oil is one of the greatest delicacies that we can take to the mouth. Accompanied by toast with ham and tomato, we can enjoy a healthy breakfast and have multiple vitamins.

When the season is approaching when the heat arrives, and we want to consume more cold foods such as salads, picual oil is one of the best friends of tomato and lettuce in summer. This oil can accompany your salads and offer a bitter and fruity touch that is associated with the taste of vinegar and creates a perfect combination.

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