Meadowsweet herb seeds

20 seeds


Hardy, clump forming perennial with reddish, angular stems and irregularly toothed, deeply veined leaves divided into 2-5 pairs of leaflets – can grow up to 60cm. Bears fragile creamy, white, almond-scented flowers in dense corymbs in summer.

Self-fertile – flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs).

Needs full sun/partial shade and prefers neutral to basic (alkaline) soil – can grow in heavy clay soil.


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Filipendula ulmaria

  • Like aspirin, the salicylate compounds in meadowsweet relieve pain and reduce inflammation, but along with other constituents, the herb protects and soothes the mucous membranes lining the digestive tract, while the tannins have an astringent action in the bowel.
  • Useful in treating arthritis and rheumatism, as well as digestive disorders like hyper-acidity, ulcers, diarrhea, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, gastritis, hiatus hernia and cystitis – without negative side-effects.
  • Mild antiseptic – combats general infection and has diuretic properties, which help eliminate toxic wastes and uric acid from the system.
  • Aids bladder and kidney ailments – urethritis, water retention and kidney stones.
  • Additional relaxant properties of meadowsweet help release spasm and induce restful sleep.
  • Its diaphoretic action (increases perspiration), helps to reduce fever and is supportive treatment for common colds.
  • Externally the infusion can be used as a wash for wounds or inflamed eyes.

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