Balloon White Flower – White

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Erect, clump-forming perennial with thick roots and ovate, toothed leaves.

Bears large inflated five-petaled, bell-shaped deep purple flowers in summer.

Hardy – dies back in cold areas and grow out again in spring.

Needs well-drained soil, full sun or light dappled shade.



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Platycodon grandiflorus Albus

  • Ancient Chinese medicine that is widely used today in Chinese patent remedies.
  • Root is also made into a cough tablet.
  • The root contains saponins and is anthelmintic, anti-asthmatic, astringent, carminative, expectorant, haemolytic, hypoglycaemic, sedative, stomachic, tonic and vermifuge.
  • It lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the liver and inhibits the release of histamine.
  • Internally: treats coughs with profuse phlegm, colds, bronchitis, pleurisy, pulmonary abscesses and throat infections.
  • It is also used to treat hypertension and diabetes in Korea.
  • Condiment in Japanese food – is one of the seven herbs used to flavor Japanese sake.
  • Roots are eaten raw in salads, added to soups as a tonic vegetable, peeled and pickled or preserved in sugar.

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